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Benefits Designed for Work-Life Balance

Fostering a culture of well-being and professional development is at our core, which is reflected in our comprehensive benefits package. Explore the range of benefits available and how they contribute to work-life integration.

Katarina Stojković


We are aware that keeping employees happy and content with their jobs means more than just a solid wage and decent working conditions. With our benefits, we aim to make your day-to-day tasks and personal life easier by prioritizing health, friends and family, and personal growth. Keep on reading to find out how. 

The pillars around which we build employee satisfaction include: 

  • Work-life balance (six-hour net work day, remote work, flexible hours)

  • Supportive team, but for real

  • Opportunities for learning and growth

  • Private health insurance (with family coverage)

  • Employee events

  • An attractive set of extras

Flexible Working Hours

You have a yoga class in the morning, need to pick up your kids from school earlier, or do whatever activity during the standard working hours? We got you covered. For all of us to thrive, we believe in flexibility to start and finish the working day at the hours that best fit our personal productivity rhythm. Some employees need more short breaks during working hours, some need less. Some thrive in the morning, some reach their productivity peak in the afternoon. 

Our official working hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CET and most of the employees are available during that period. It’s okay if you need to reduce your availability during those hours but respect previously booked meetings. All you have to do is update your Calendar ( you don’t want anyone to book a call) and set Slack status for how long you will be absent.

Six-Hour Work Day

We believe that there’s no need to impose an eight-hour workday on employees at all costs. Instead, we offer a six-hour net working day as the monthly average. But what does that actually mean?

The net working hours refer to productive hours, that include all work-related activities (meetings, emails, Slack, courses, etc.). We use a time-tracking tool that measures time spent on certain applications and websites. If these are work-related, the time counts as productive hours; otherwise, it's considered unproductive. The tool does not record the person nor does it take screenshots

However, productive hours don’t include breaks; but there's great flexibility in organizing work and breaks, allowing for a variety of schedules that accommodate personal needs and preferences.

We do not observe hours daily, but it is necessary to meet the quota of monthly productive hours. What this means is that on some days you can work fewer hours, and then make up for them by the end of the month, at the pace that’s best fit for you at the moment. This approach to work gave us better performance, sharper focus, better motivation, and of course, better work-life balance.

Flexible Location

At our company, we celebrate the freedom of choice, offering you the flexibility to work from wherever suits you best. Whether you're nestled at home or prefer the vibrant energy of an office, our goal is to ensure you're supported to work in a way that's best for you, with just two requirements: a stable internet connection and your unwavering dedication to deliver your finest work. 

Health and Wellbeing for Everyone

Health and rest are one of the most important pillars of workplace wellbeing. We offer you 20 days of vacation + 1 extra day per year in the company and full flexibility on working days.

We know that “tough it out” when you’re not feeling well is not good for you or business, either.  FatCat Coders fully cover up to 10 days of sick leaves per year, everything over that period is covered by 65% of the payment.

Private Health Insurance

At FatCat, all our employees receive private health insurance with an extensive range of services that are easy to reach quickly, whenever they’re needed. 

What’s more, family members can also be included in the coverage, and we know this is extremely important for young families with children, or those planning to have children. With FatCat, employees get full maternity coverage for: 

  • Pregnancy 

  • Childbirth

  • Maternity period

  • Two-week parental leave for dads. 

What About Career Development?

Yearly we organize two Performance Reviews (April and October). After each performance review, together with the employee, we create a personal Employee Development Plan with clear expectations and achievements for the next six months. 

To ease staying on the track with Employee Development Plan, employees have: 

  • Access to the Udemy library 

  • Additional materials and courses on demand 

  • Days off for education

  • Support in organizing knowledge-sharing sessions between teams

Learning and Development

Employee Events 

When work is done, we love to hang out. Apart from regular team-building activities, we make sure to have spontaneous get-togethers and have a good time, whether it's a beer or a game of pool. 

It’s also very important for us to give back to the community and to our environment. Our activities include recycling and environmental awareness events, as well as various charity causes. And we can’t wait to hear your ideas and proposals.

Perks and Extras That Fulfill Employee Needs

At FatCat, our goal is to identify and accommodate our employees’ common needs and offer a set of perks and extra benefits that help them work better. 

Because FatCat offers a hybrid model of work (in the office, remote, or both combined), we make sure all employees get everything they need in practical terms: 

  • Home expenses budget - Monthly our employees receive 6,000 rsd to cover part of their bills or invest in home office setup.

  • Parking space- We have a parking space next to the Sindjelic stadion with 24-hour security.

  • MacBook and equipment- We all use MacBook laptops and the company can provide a monitor if you need it in your daily work.

  • Comfy home-like office- With cozy corners for when you need a moment to unwind, a variety of refreshments to keep you energized, and additional equipment to enhance your productivity, our office is catered to your every need. 

  • Pet-friendly workplace - You don’t have to worry about your furry friends being all alone while you’re at work. 

  • Legal advice - Our legal advice service team helps all involved parties navigate the specific legal requirements between international candidates and clients. 

Home-like Office


If you had a smile on your face while reading this :) , or at least for a moment thought "this is what I need", there is a chance that you should be a part of the FatCat Coders team. So, why wait? Check out our open positions or, for more details regarding working conditions at FatCat Coders, check out the FAQs section.

Of course, if you have other questions that are not covered here, feel free to write to us, and we will gladly answer them.

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