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Hiring Process at FatCat Coders: What to Expect?

We strive to make our recruitment process as transparent and feedback-focused as possible. To help you prepare, we'll provide detailed insights into each step of the process along with tips for every stage.

Katarina Stojković


Hello! My name is Katarina, and I’m the People Manager at FatCat Coders. In this article, I’ll be walking you through our recruitment process, and I’ll share good-to-know things as well as some tips and tricks. 

Our goal is not just to assess candidates, but to create a knowledge-enriching experience through challenging tasks and providing honest, constructive feedback. So buckle up and hopefully see you soon in an interview! :)

Who Are We Looking For

This can be a tough one to answer. However, employees at FatCat who advanced the most share some similarities: a proactive approach toward work and learning, agility, taking ownership of the task and not being afraid to make decisions and try new things.  This can vary from role to role but, we all are led by Collaboration, Accountability and Transparency ( CAT, you get it right), and looking for candidates who share our values and attitude toward work.

We do have a few requirements you need to meet though: 

  •  Advanced English language skill is a must: we work mostly with international clients, so official communication is in English.

  • +/- 3 hours from the Central European time zone: we found that this is the maximum time difference that still doesn’t negatively affect our collaborations or your work-life balance. 

Bear in mind that we don’t want to waste your time so every step in a process is eliminatory.

Hiring Process Steps

How to Make Sure You Land the Intro Call

When submitting your application make sure your resume is up-to-date! We love to see your background, education, courses you took, hobbies you have, and any job you did.

We do not require you to submit a Cover letter but rather focus on the role-related questionnaire. This step is particularly valuable since it will allow you to present yourself adequately and share the expected salary range, which is an important factor for both sides. For certain positions, we might ask for a portfolio or Git link so make sure you present some of your best relevant work. 

Responses don’t have to be formal or long, but we aren’t looking for one-word answers. The questionnaire is designed to help you supplement your CV with details that may not have been fully explained. We take both of these components into consideration to gain a better understanding of your skills and values.

After you submit your application, expect an email in 0-2 weeks* to let you know if you are moving forward in our selection process or this role is not a fit. If we are on the same page, we’ll have a quick chat. 

*Subject to change

What to Expect on Intro Call

The next step is an informative up to 30-minute Google Meet chat with our recruiter. This initial conversation is the first step in creating a transparent dialog between you and our company. We always come prepared with some questions based on your submitted application. 

We’ll tell you a bit more about the position and the working conditions, check your English skills, and motivation, and you’ll also have a chance to ask us questions. 

This step can determine whether we will continue with the selection process or not and you will receive feedback within 7 days.


If you don’t receive feedback within the timeframe noted in the email please feel free to reach out. Sometimes, emails end up in spam or mistakes happen.

Task: Spotlight On Your Expertise

This is your time to shine, with a role-related task that will put all of your skills and experience to the test. It’s a hands-on assignment that allows you to showcase your practical skills and problem-solving abilities. 

The task is designed to be completed from the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you best with limited days to finish ( from 3 to 5 days, depending on a role). This work will remain your intellectual property, and we use it for recruitment purposes only.After the task review ( it can take up to 10 working days) we give personalized feedback on your work.

For Software engineering roles, the task involves converting a JavaScript project to TypeScript with specific compiler settings and creating scalable, reusable React components for displaying a list from an API, generating forms with validation, and building dynamic web pages based on props. It requires both technical setup and component development, focusing on type safety, data handling, and layout flexibility.

Culture Fit Interview

We place a significant emphasis on personality and cultural alignment, with the firm belief that technical skills are something we can work on together. During the 45-minute online culture fit interview this time with me, we delve into your current and previous career performance, preferences, and expectations. 

This ensures that we're aligned not just professionally, but on personal level as well—it's a chance for you to get comfortable with who we are as a company.

For non-tech roles, this step is usually merged with the Tech interview.

Tips for Video Interviews

Technical/Hiring Manager Interview: A Deep Dive into Your Problem-Solving Mind

Following the task, we engage in a comprehensive interview in the form of a Google Meet video call that lasts around 90 minutes.

For Software Engineering roles, you’ll meet your future Tech lead and some of your future colleagues in the same position. The interview has three main parts: 

  • Technical background questions

  • Live coding session

  • Task solution discussion: since no single task can encompass all of your skills, this conversation allows you to dive deep into your problem-solving approach and way of thinking ( this part is obligatory for all roles) 

It’s a chance to showcase your technical knowledge more vividly and engage with our technical team more deeply. 

Moreover, you will learn about your role's responsibilities and the technical qualities needed to succeed in our team. Through this dialogue, we aim to understand the unique strengths you can bring to our team. Once that is done, it’s time to meet the “Chief Cat”.


Reflect on your task solution, considering the rationale behind your chosen approach and ways to optimize it further.

Final Interview: Sealing the Connection

Candidates who pass all the previous steps and seem like a good fit for the role will meet our CEO. We believe in-person touch is important, that’s why this interview will be at our office and last for about 30 minutes

It’s more like a friendly conversation whose purpose is to confirm that you are the right person for the position, from the aspect of FatCat’s company culture. By this stage, your potential is evident, and it's about ensuring that joining FatCat Coders is the best step forward for both parties.

It’s Time to Close the Deal

But before doing so, we do a reference check based on your recommendation. After the Intro call, we’ll encourage you to provide contacts you deem suitable as your references, whether they are coworkers or supervisors. While we value these insights, we are also aware of their limitation. And don’t worry, we refrain from contacting your current employer to avoid any potential inconveniences.

Offer: Becoming Part of the Team

When we want to hire someone, we do a salary offer calculation based on showcased skills and knowledge. We have salary levels, and each candidate is evaluated on a certain level.

You will receive an official offer and we will be patiently waiting for your answer hoping that you will join our team and begin a new career chapter with FatCat Coders. 

If we got your attention and you want to join the team, please check out our open positions or explore FAQs regarding the working conditions at FatCa Coders. And we encourage you to stay open to constructive feedback, and not take it to heart if you don’t succeed.

Disclaimer: some of the selection steps may differ or deviate, depending on the position you are applying for. 

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