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FatCat is all about growing together.

Many cat avatars on one place
Many cat avatars on one place
Cat's paw

Behind the Scenes:
The FatCat Coders Story

Unveiling the adventure of FatCat Coders, driven by dedication, experience, and a shared vision.

Success begins
with a vision

In 2018, Zoran Lazic founded FatCat Coders with the initial aim of delivering meaningful and successful solutions.

His vast industry experience and passion for helping businesses succeed, turned the FatCat into a powerhouse for growth and innovation.

Today, our thriving organization shares this vision, working together to drive businesses forward.

The inspiration behind our name

Our company name is inspired by Zoran's cat, Dunja—a 15-year-old lady, a feline ally of our CEO.

Partly thanks to Dunja, we've crafted a distinctive brand identity that not only sets us apart in the industry but also makes us easily recognized and memorable.

While she may appear grumpy, Dunja is a lovable companion who enjoys cuddling at every chance she gets.

A place where creativity and expertise coexist

At FatCat Coders, we've mastered the art of blending fun and professionalism. Our team, represented by delightful cat avatars, fosters a creative and enjoyable atmosphere.

When it's time to get to work, we focus on delivering exceptional results, ensuring client satisfaction in a workspace where inspiration thrives.

Our guiding principles

Not Outsourcing

We become your partner and work closely with you to identify custom solutions and optimal delivery path for your business.

Not Excuses

We take accountability for delivering the promised outcomes by treating your business like our own. There’s no place for excuses.

Not Ambiguity

We embrace transparent and honest communication, empowering the exchange of ideas and continuous growth.

We prioritize our clients' satisfaction, and our success is measured by their success. That’s why we are trusted all over the world.


Years in the market


Launched products


Hired candidates


Candidates in the pool

Pins that showcase that our clients are located worldwide

We take care of our community

We believe in education and technology's power to shape the future. For this reason, we organized an IT equipment donation campaign to empower students and promote IT education.

Photo of gymnasium in Požarevac

High school in Pozarevac

At the moment, we are collecting technical equipment for a high school in Požarevac. It is necessary to collect: 11 desktop computers for cabinets, 7 laptops for teachers to conduct online classes, 5 printers, and one wall projector with canvas.

Photo of gymnasium in Smederevska Palanka

High school in Smederevska Palanka

In September 2022, we successfully collected 38 computers and monitors for the fourth generation of students interested in computer science at Gymnasium Smederevska Palanka. We replaced outdated equipment and provided children with reliable, modern technology. See more at this link.

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A little about our roots.

As a company located in Belgrade, Serbia, FatCat Coders is surrounded by a wealth of talent and innovation. Here are some facts about our hometown that contribute to our success:

Engineering talent

Belgrade is a hub for higly-skilled engineers, supplying our team with top-notch talent to drive our projects.


Positioned centrally in Europe, Belgrade enables seamless collaboration with clients, ensuring smooth communication across time zones.

Cultural affinity

With a shared European mindset, our Serbian teams easily establish strong working relationships with diverse clients.

English language proficiency

Serbia ranked 17th out of 100 countries on the English Proficiency Index in 2019, scoring 61.30, which is considerably high.

What we do

Through the years, we developed a comprehensive package of services that addresses problems of software development and access to time-worthy talent.

Doodles Logo

...but we always find a way to make things a bit funny

Check out our FatCat Doodles Instagram profile, and try to relate our cats with movie and real-life characters..

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Let’s work together

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